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How can I play with the Infernal Dragon Clash Royale?

A few days ago we were talking about the new letter Clash Royale, the Infernal Dragon , which has been seen in the game but is not yet available (will be available in a week). How to play the infernal dragon Clash Royale is you are going to tell in this guide, based on rumors leaked video and features we have of this letter. We remind you that is legendary, it will not be easy to get, I go to walk through balks with legendary chests , so you'll have iteasier. Clash Royale hack cheats

Infernal Dragon is a letter of 4 elixir that promises to be stronger than the baby dragon . It has a certain resemblance, but more secure, with helmet goes. Users who had the baby dragon on their decks, they could do the switcheroo. As best insurance is legendary.

How to play the Infernal Dragon Clash Royale

The infernal dragon is quite strong. It's like awalking tower hell . Shatters fine troops, it makes it constant damage and this is good because once you neglect, you will have removed much life. If your infernal dragon gets to the tower, you can do much damage as you can see in the video, in addition to mirror the infernal dragon is amazing .

Infernal Dragon Level 1:

  • Life: 950.
  • Damage Per Second 75-875.
  • 30-350 damage.
  • Speed: 0.4 s.
  • Objectives: land and air.
  • Scope: 4.
  • Deployment time: 1s.
  • 4 of elixir.

It has some pretty powerful features.

Strategy With The Legendary Dragon

  • Troop flying valid on any deck . This card could be a substitute baby dragon perfectly. It is also not a bad idea you change it by henchmen. It promises to be legendary guarantees. What is clear is that it is a perfect card to go way destroying troops and as you reach the tower ... you out a lot of life.
  • + Mirror infernal dragon . It is shown that this replicated letter is super strong. You can go crazy your enemy.
  • Soon more.

The letter is not available (it will be in a week). We can not prove the meantime, but as soon as we have more data or extracted from the video, we will update this post to make it as complete as possible juicy. hackclashroyalecheats

Now we just have to get touch us!

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